Sandoval-Community LeaderCicero, Illinois – State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-11) met with Gerardo Salinas to discuss policy for people with disabilities in the State of Illinois. Salinas lost his vision when he was 12 and since then has worked to succeed in many ways, including moving to the United States from Mexico and recently graduating with honors from Daley Community College.

“I applaud Gerardo for his determination to succeed and his willingness to give back,” said Senator Sandoval.

"I refuse to let my disability hold me back,” said Salinas. “I want to work with my senator to help create laws that would facilitate living with a disability."

Salinas plans on continuing his education, working towards a bachelors degree in political science before attending law school.

Sandoval-Medicaid-122713Chicago, Illinois – State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-11) met with doctors of Mercy Medical recently to discuss Medicaid coverage for the Latino community, as Medicaid cuts loom.

“Medicaid’s critical role in providing access to health care for Latinos, coupled with the heavy burden of chronic disease suffered by this group, means Medicaid coverage can truly mean the difference between life and death for Latinos with serious health care needs,” said Senator Sandoval.

For decades, researchers have documented that Latinos in the United States bear a disproportionate burden of chronic diseases. Not only are they more likely than whites to suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and certain cancers, they are also more likely to get sicker from some of these conditions—to experience complications, to have poorer health outcomes, and even to die prematurely.

Medicaid, the state and federally funded health insurance program for low-income people, has historically played a critical role for minorities, providing coverage for millions of Latinos of all ages. While Medicaid covers many more white people, because Latinos tend to have lower incomes than whites, they are more than twice as likely to rely on Medicaid for health coverage. In the Latino community, a little more than one in four people relies on Medicaid for their health care; in contrast, Medicaid covers fewer than one in eight whites. Medicaid helps roughly half of all Latino children get a healthy start in life. And it helps Latino seniors and people with disabilities that need long-term care.

Senator Sandoval hosted a health care summit in July and has been public on his disappointment to Medicaid cuts.

“Without Medicaid, many of these seriously ill people would not be able to afford the care they need. For them, Medicaid coverage is critical. Federal or state cuts to the Medicaid program would truly put them at risk,” stated Sandoval.

Senator Sandoval represents the 11th Senate District, which includes the neighborhoods of Brighton Park, Clearing, Gage Park, Garfield Ridge, Little Village, West Lawn, and West Cook municipalities of Bedford Park, Burbank, Cicero, Forest View, Lyons, McCook, Stickney, Summit and Riverside.


In an ongoing effort to stimulate the local economy, State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-11) and Alderman Michael Zalewski met with a small but determined group of Garfield Ridge residents to discuss the redevelopment of Archer Road in Garfield Ridge.

Archer Avenue used to be a thriving business and social hub for Garfield Ridge. Unfortunately, over the years many small businesses have either closed their doors or moved to neighboring suburbs. Approximately one year ago, a small but determined group of Garfield Ridge residents who shared a passion for their neighborhood began to meet and brainstorm on ways to redevelop Garfield Ridge and help make it conducive to business needs and pedestrian traffic.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the community,” said Senator Sandoval.

Working towards redeveloping Garfield Ridge as a small business haven, the small group of residents have since formally organized as Garfield Ridge Retail Entertainment and Amusement Team, otherwise known as GRREAT LLC. and started a Facebook page called "Redeveloping Garfield Ridge for Restaurants and Retail".

After carefully evaluating and polling community interest and support via GRREAT's Facebook page, the group met with Alderman Zalewski and State Senator Sandoval to share the results and present an economic and redevelopment plan. Both the alderman and senator were very impressed and fully supported the movement. At the suggestion of Senator Sandoval, members of GRREAT also met with the managers of several local suburban and city redevelopment projects, most recently the Berwyn Development Corporation to gain insight and a road map for undertaking this project. Senator Sandoval was an integral part of the recent redevelopment of Berwyn.

“It’s the economy,” Senator Sandoval said.  “That is the issue that should be central.”

“I’m not saying (other issues) are not important or shouldn’t be addressed, but let’s take care of the bread and butter issues today. We cannot survive unless our economy is strong."

The goal of GRREAT, LLC is to redevelop the one-mile stretch from Harlem to Narragansett with streetscaping and to make it more pedestrian friendly for customers to find businesses. The goal is to attract a small handful of the right corporate businesses that will in turn create a ripple effect that will attract smaller owner operated restaurants and shops. We also aim to keep businesses that are very much a part of our community and help them continue to succeed.
There is a lot of work to be done, but Alderman Zalewski has helped build a coalition of willing political leaders who deem the project worthwhile for businesses and residents alike. 

On Dec. 26, GRREAT met with State Senators Sandoval and Muñoz as well as Alderman Zalewski to formally present their Economic Plan for the Redevelopment of Garfield Ridge. The Plan was an overwhelming success. GRREAT is in the process of organizing a community events calendar for 2014 that is aimed at engaging residents and community interaction. Attractions will hopefully include car shows, food truck tastings and movies in the parks to name a few. If you would like to show your support or get involved, please "Like" Redeveloping Garfield Ridge for Restaurants and Retail on Facebook, contact them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at: 773-410-2830. Volunteers and donations are greatly appreciated.


PHOTO: Senator Antonio Muńoz (left), Alderman Michael Zalewski (fourth from right) and Senator Martin Sandoval (third from right) embrace redevelopment of Archer Road in Garfield Ridge with the Garfield Ridge Recreation Entertainment and Amusement Team (GRREAT), led by John Kapusciarz (center) of European Chalet, 5445 S Harlem Ave.


Sandoval Land to CommunityIllinois State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago), Chairman of the Transportation Committee, sponsored a measure that will transfer land back to local communities throughout the state.

“I was able to work with the Illinois Department of Transportation to ensure that land that was no longer being used was granted back to the owner or entity it originally belonged to,” stated Sandoval.  “This is a cost-saving measure. Without granting the land back to its original owner, the state would be paying approximately $100,000 for each parcel it wasn’t using.”

Now law, House Bill 1330 granted five parcels and seven easements of land that are no longer being used by IDOT to local communities throughout Illinois.

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