Lift the Ban WebSPRINGFIELD – Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago) committed to fighting for access to fair housing Tuesday by signing on as a co-sponsor to a rent control plan.

Sandoval gave his support to Senate Bill 3512 after meeting with advocates at the Capitol.

“This bill creates stability for all communities, especially on the Southwest side,” Sandoval said. “Household incomes remain stagnant while rents skyrocket, and people have a hard time staying in one place. This bill gives those people not just hope, but certainty and consistency.”

The bill establishes an elected rent control board in every county to decide rent-controlled prices for certain properties and renters of specified income levels.

Sandoval said this will allow renters to build savings accounts, spend more money in their communities and maintain cultural integrity of neighborhoods.

Despite limiting the ability to raise rent, the bill also gives incentives to landlords by allowing them to earn tax credits to make up the difference between the rent-controlled amount and the average rent within the county.

“People in Illinois are struggling,” Sandoval said. “I would hate to see Illinois’ population continue to decline because people can’t afford their rent. That’s why I signed on to this bill.”

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